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Hi! There is a bug that is preventing me from register in the app on my Huawei P30. I can write my phone number, but when I am supposed to write the six digit code it just automatically fills it in with the wrong number and jumps to the next step without me touching anything and then it says I wrote the wrong code. When I want to go back to put it the code it sends me to the beginning and the whole loop starts over again.
Can you help me? @AndreasK

Hi. Two items, don’t know if they are bugs or features…
I have two accounts, RON and EURO. Also XAU.
1° A payment in JPY was affected to may XAU account. The RON account was small, but the EURO large enough. I expected the expense to be drawn from the EURO account, not XAU.
2°. The July monthly statistics show correctly the related amount in RON with the XAU / JPY payment. But if I disable the XAU account, the statistics do not show any more the expenses with XAU. I expected otherwise.
Best regards,

Hey :slight_smile:

I can’t log into the app anymore, I verified my drivers license and when i tried to log in again it says “we’re sorry something has gone wrong. please try again later”. Can you advise please?

Application crashes when I try to modify recurrent payment! I even cannot delete it! Tried on 2 phones.

Hi, I’ve got problems with any Mastercard when try to top up revolut even by GPay or bu card straight way…now even chat just freeze on “looking for advisor” and can’t reset that by typing resolve or live agent…anybody can help or maybe some answer from revolut?

On iOS, there is a bug in the pdf generated account statements. The footer is overlapping the transaction section of the file. Because of that, it is impossible to read the transaction lines in the PDF. However, I did not have that issue on Android.

I’m running on the latest version of Revolut and iOS.

Yours sincerely,

Premium user, I dont have access anymore to reward section for one month. I use the app from France. I chatted with 2 advisors. It seems to be a larger scale issue. I do not understand why Revolut is not communicating about it, this is a service I am paying for… I really like this app but communication could be improved.

First off, it seems strange to me to seek help about a banking app via a community site. As a paying customer, I would like to send an email or secure message and know that someone has received it and is working on a resolution.

Second, here’s the issue I have. Reproduction steps:

  1. Create a recurring payment to another revolut user.
  2. Navigate to the recurring payment on the payments -> recurring payments screen
  3. Click the previously created recurring payment.

Expected result: the recurring payment opens for modification

Actual result: the revolut app crashes.

I’ve tried multiple times with no luck. Even restarting my phone didn’t help.

Please advice.

i cant create my account. Can you send me number of french support ? Login fail so no chat support.

My app say me “number or verification fail” no email no sms to explain that.


hi, i’m from russia, but now i live in canada, can i have revolut on russia phone nubmer? i use my canada adress, but queue dosen’t move


My account is blocked, I can’t log in

could you help me please

Application version: 7.7.1

Platform: Android

Issue: Vaults not visible

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open app
  2. Select Wealth
  3. Select Vaults

Actual result:
No vault appear. Create new vault image appears

Expected result:
The existing vaults should appear

Where do I find statements for a vault? When I followed the instructions to click on the settings icon for a particular vault, I don’t get an option to download a statement. All I see is Name, Goal & Deadline, but nothing to download a statement. I have version 7.7.1 of the app on an iPhone.
Thank you.

Hi, there’s a typo when removing a custom category:

Not sure where to post this, as I am unable to create threads. Can a mod look into why I cannot create threads? Thanks!

Hi! I sent this issue about 2 months ago and still the same problem… They are putting new options, services, whatever… but since the update with this colours…horrible. Did you receive any solution?

Since i received my Revolut card, i cant do nothing with him, i tried to pay the restaurant bill, and was canceled (contract canceled) , then i went to a ATM, to do a first transaction with the card,the system ask me for my personal number with twelve characters… wich one? my phone number? after two tries of wrong code, i gave up… i hope you could help me with my problem.

I reinstalled Revolut App and need to login once again. After inputting my phone number the screen with confirmation of my e-mail appears but there are no e-mails from Revolut received in all folders including spam and junk.
Please, help me with this issue. Customer complaint was sent 2 weeks ago and still there is no reply.

Hi There,
I had an issue with a payment yesterday.
I had 499€ in my Euro account and 65£ in my UK account.
I am in France and i tried to pay 500€ and i got : payment declined.
So i have transfered 499 € to the UK account and it worked

So i have 2 questions :

  • why does my card take the money from the UK account and not the € account while i am in France ?
  • i thought that the card would take the money from the € and complete with the UK without having to make transfers.
    Can you please provide me some details on how the payment works, i could not find those details :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot

I have a problem and I don’t know where to contact the technical support

@AndreasK hi can you or anyone help me and my sister, i dont know how to send private messages on this. we have a house sale gone through, moneys left buyers account and gone into our revolut account we opened about 2 weeks ago for this very purpose. you guys asked for more info, we sent you all relevant documents proving sale of house, and now account seems locked only a “chat with us” option, with no one ever replying. please help, the buyer is threatening to back out of the deal, because money has left his account but we can’t access it or even get confirmation or anything from your company with updates that we will ever get it. please help. they threatening to pull out in like 11 hours.