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We’ll keep you updated with any known issues or bugs hiding in our App here. Let us know about any issues you encounter below so we can get to work on fixing them!

Is there a glitch in your App? An odd pop-up annoying you? Are particular merchants blocking your card? Tell us here! :+1:

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I havn’t got my revolut card yet. it is transferring for more than month. My trip will be after 10 days, and this card is needed for me. what to do ?


My account is locked. I urgently need it as I’m travelling soon and I’ve already transferred money to it. Could you please sort this out ASAP


Please help


Did you get a reply in the end? I’m in the same situation.


I have had one invite verified have had over 5 or 6 people join revolut through my invite please can you check and open my crypto tab please


I do not get a response by the Revolut app


In App chat support not working and keeps crashing. My two referrals not tracked so unable to unlock crypto. have joined recently Revolut. When you say revolut is beyond banking then why all those problems.


I have issue with my account and I have no answer from. I could I be assist?
Much appreciate


My account has been blocked for several hours i don’t know why, the assistance chat isn’t replying, is there any way to call someone that might help me???


I’m using the app on an HTC One m8, android version 7.1.2, and am having trouble verifying my identity. When I try to take a picture of my driving licence or passport the image that is taken is rotated. Needless to say, I am taking the photo in the correct orientation! Here’s a censored example of what it looks like:

Obviously, without being able to verify I can’t use Revolut so it’d be great if anyone had any suggestions!


Yup, there is a bug in my app. I cannot verify identity, gets to the face photo OK, then I hit β€œconfirm” then app reverts to sign-in page - every time. Means my money is trapped in Revolut.


John Baldwin.



I had an error message when ordering my card and I repeated the order. The second one was good but Revolut has also counted the first one (whereas there was first an error message telling the action was not fulfilled).
Thus Revolut is making me pay for an extra card when I need only one.

How can this extra card can be cancelled and the cost reimbursed ?

Thank you.


Hi, I transferred an amount of money into the Revolut account to pay online, however the payment is rejected. I tried transferring money back to my other account which won’t let me either. I uninstalled the Revolut application and re installed again and it won’t even let me use the entire application. Can you please guide, since i am stuck with money and cannot use. Thanks


I have been waiting for my account to be verified for 3 weeks now. It’s just unfortunate that the account could receive money but not be able to use it because of the pending verification. Help please.


When creating a passcode i keep getting this β€œWe are sorry, something has gone wrong”.
How to fix this?


Hello, my account has been blocked after trying to send some money. I’m asked to verify my card entering the 4 digit code of the Revolut transactions that appear on my card’s statement. I enter the code, but the app says it’s invalid.

I’ve made some top ups directly with my card, and others through Google Pay (using the same card). The ones made through Google Pay don’t show a 4 digit code on the card’s statement, only the ones made directly with the card do.

I chatted to a support agent who said he escalated my case, but no reply so far.
Could I please get some support? @AndreasK @JessicaZ @Juliopp

Thanks in advance!



Recently I’ve been requested for SOF verification. My account has been locked and I haven’t got any replies from support on verification progress. I’ve been trying contact the support for the last two days.


In app help has been β€œconnecting me to an agent” for 24 hours. My account is suspended and there doesn’t appear to be any other means of contacting you. How are users supposed to report such an error?


I can’t seem to confirm my identity via the app, I can top-up etc but when it comes to confirming identity the screen is just flicking back to the same page. What am I supposed to see? I assume I should be able to scan my passport or something? Or do I upload an image? I can’t even get this far…