About Revolut transfer table.

I’m something confused after read this doc after March update.

On this link we can see Revolut international transfers fees, but at same document you talk about international payment. Are these fees applicable when you use your card in a shop on online shoping, or only when you transfer money to someone or are applicable when you change your base currency to another currency on app or in ATM?

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No fees for using your debit card, except in the case you’re in another country spending in a different currency, conversion fees may apply depending on plan/weekend use.

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Thanks @Carl_1460, For this reason create doubt to me.

I explain with the same table. For Colombia you can see

Recipient country CO, Card holder: Spain.

Min Fee: 1
Max Fee: 600

I was in Colombia last christmas and I have no feed from Mon-Fry and 1% weekend. So non fees during week and only on weekend have a minimal cost, however on fees table say 1 as minimal.

For this reason,
It makes me confused if the rate table is for a purpose other than purchases when you are traveling through that country.

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It would be helpful if you could post the origin of the link for this table. The context might explain its purpose. Most likely, you’re looking at fees for bank transfers, not card payments.

You can double check yourself by playing around with Revolut’s options for international payments. You can do this in the app or on Revolut’s website. International Money Transfer from Spain | Revolut

You could check if the fess shown there align with the table.


Welcome back to our community @valtf :wave:. Please let us know if you still have any doubt? :thinking:

Thanks for the help @Carl_1460 @Frank. :hugs:

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Thank you. I’m clear now.
@Frank, if you click on pdf table I posted in my first post, you access to this pdf on original URL posted by Revolut.

When you talk about transfer. I understand.

  • Transfer to other user to a his/her bank account.

  • Transfer from your base currency to other foreign currency allowed for Revolut user? For example. I have euro as base currency and I want to create an account in colombian peso (COP). Are this table valid for this purpose?

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Yes, I understand. But where is the origin of this link. It’s a deep link into files on Revolut’s servers. The context I am looking for would be a Revolut website, or a page within the app itself that would provide informations about what this table actually is about. Something like “find here fees for international transfers”. With that additional information, it would most likely be obvious when these fees apply.


Yes, you have right. It would be much better as you say. Everything in one place without having to look for links elsewhere.

Perhaps the developer team are one, and marketing are other team, but, on same app, could be the link to this PDF.

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