Abort Weekend Fees and


As you may know on the weekend a fee of 0.5% of the exchange rate on Friday is added to the base currency and 1.5% for all others.
Maybe it is possible that you would book these transactions on Monday?


I agree with aborting these weekend fees (last time i looked i don’t think these fees were disclosed), how does mastercard (Halifax Clarity card) seem to manage ok without bumping fees on?


I guess it’s because, being a credit card, Halifax know that they can charge you later for a transaction. With Revolut, they can’t be sure the money will be in your account still on Monday. I guess Revolut could block the currency amount plus 5% to guard against currency movements and then book the actual cost of the transaction when the markets open again (which I think is actually Sunday night). On the other hand, Revolut is providing such a good, low-cost service, that charging 0.5% more for the convenience of changing currencies at the weekend doesn’t seem like too big of a deal to me. If you’re changing more than £50, just wait till the markets are open to do your transaction, or make sure you change the amount you’ll need at the weekend on Friday afternoon in-app.


When i calculated it a while back the added weekend spread was 1%+ they weren’t transparent with it. I think the reason they are having trouble with THB is they haven’t got the required staff in place to manage the currency so they’ve taken a simple approach by charging the customer. You can wait until Monday to do the transaction, but now i don’t use Revolut. I just use Clarity, better rates.