Abnormal flotation of Ruble In revolut Exchange rates

I would like to draw attention to the abnormal currency flotation each 20 seconds for Ruble in revulot currency exchange. It is floating from 66,5 rub p to 70,45 rub very fast, and the real behave is not like that. There is a big risk using card today for payments in Rubles. Is it a bug???

Four cents?


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On a first looking looks cents…but depends on the total of the expense, and considering the total volume of transations of revolut cards in rubles might represent a good incoming for revolut.

Russia is also under sanctions by the US and EU. This will also impact the currency. Also it is the weekend so there is a surcharge and for russia i think its above 1%.

To be fair I wouldnt expect it to be that high :slight_smile:

I am checking it as we speak and it appears to linger around 66 ruble a euro. Seems pretty stable.

But not over the period of seconds.


Ohh haha i am off, so got confused. Sorry :blush: