Ability to pay money requests with any card


Hey, I’m a teen interested in tech and when I heard about Revolut I decided to try it. I’ve been using it for two months now and now i’m starting to think of ditching my main bank and going Revolut full-time. The only thing that stops me from doing that is that my parents can’t send money to my Revolut card without having their own account in the system. As the new money request feature rolled out, I thought: What if I could just send my mother a money request and she could just pay it with her bank MasterCard or VIsa? I guess that would be a neat feature.


Unless your standard bank account is costing you lots of money, keep it. If it does cost, cahnge it to one that doesn’t. It gets more difficult to open a new account with every passing year.
Also the more options you have in your finances, the easier it is to come up with a work around when shit happens. And shit does happen. Lost cards, forgotten PINs, broken ATMs, system lock outs.
Always have a back up.


Thank you for sharing your idea! This is actually something we’re working on so keep an eye out for updates :wink: