Ability to order physical statements in the post

Every now and then, there’s a need for an old-fashioned physical statement.

It would be good if Revolut could provide these on-demand (possibly charging a little to cover costs).

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You can already download your statements in PDF and Excel formats from the app, which you could then print if necessary.

From the Accounts tab, just tap the balance of the account you need the statement for, tap the Statement icon, choose your date range and then generate the statement. You can even change the paper size before saving.

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Unfortunately it doesn’t help in all cases (like when the statement has to be signed and stamped by the bank, e.g. for an embassy)

revolut is not a bank btw


Yes self-printed statements won’t do the job in some cases when you have to submit evidence to an authority.

Which is why I created this thread.

Whether Revolut is a bank or not is hardly relevant - it is a financial institution of some sort, just like any credit card issuer, and therefore the ability to obtain hard-copy statements with logo etc on demand (even at a fee) would really be useful.

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Of what are you trying to supply evidence to an authority? Your account balance?

No, usually 3 or sometimes 6 months’ worth of statements are needed, basically they want to see everything (all transactions). But they never accept downloaded and self-printed statements.

What types of “authority” are “they”?

I have a current account with a leading UK Building Society. After cancelling my paper statements (doing my bit for the environment!) I found that I needed to provide an account statement to a third party. I logged into internet banking and printed one off, and it was completely identical to the statements that I used to receive in the post.

If I needed to provide evidence of my Revolut account activity, I can’t think why a self-printed statement wouldn’t be acceptable. How would anyone even know that I didn’t receive it by postal mail?

Australian government
US Government
Mexican Government

3 examples which came in my mind instantly. All for Visas/ residency

Thanks @Burns. I expect this is down to the quality of the printer. If one uses a high-quality colour laser printer (as are found in many offices), then it should look identical to the same document printed by its author. I expect that @jdp’s problem is down to the quality of the printer used, probably a colour inkjet printer.

The better bank-printed statements usually incorporate features that are difficult to reproduce even on a good quality printer. I looked at some of the ones I have and some are printed on light green paper which incorporates a shading representing the bank’s logo, others are printed on thin light blue paper incorporating white lines, and in all cases there are features such as colour logos and/or bars extending right to the edges of the page (which is very difficult to reproduce on your own printer). Another set of statements incorporates gold ink for the logo (try that on your office laser…).
Also generally there are dots, barcodes and small serial numbers right at the edge of the page (difficult to print them in the right position on your own printer).
Furthermore you can usually tell the difference between a home/office-printout and professionally printed paper by looking carefully and larger colour surfaces - professionally printed will be matt, home/office laser will be much shinier.
Obviously when authorities ask for statements, they have some experience in telling one statement from another.
Lastly, for those inclined to leap into illegality, you should be aware that every printed colour page is traceable to a specific printer. Each colour printout incorporates an almost-invisible sequence of dots that contain a printer’s serial number.

Obviously if Revolut were to offer on-demand printed statements it would be no good if they just printed off the existing PDF on white paper on some laser printer. I would expect it would at least be printed on specially printed paper (perhaps light blue, with a shaded Revolut logo, or something like that!)

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Why not? If Revolut isn’t known to use security features on printed statements, then what security features would these “authorities” be looking for?

Generally when dealing with authorities, they like to see documents that “look authentic”. The harder they look like they might be to forge, the better. The more ink stamps and blue pen signatures, the better. They most likely wouldn’t have seen a statement from any particular (foreign) financial institution before and so are unlikely to be familiar with statement layout etc. But when they have doubts, they will return them to you and say they have to be stamped by the bank manager (this has already happened to me).
All this may be a nice theoretical discussion to you, for me it’s very real. I guess for me the only solution is to limit Revolut use as much as possible, until a solution becomes available (if ever).

@jdp - As you refer to “foreign financial institutions”, I assume you’re referring to UK authorities rather than to visa applications in consulates which @Iskender referred to. Which UK authorities are making these unreasonable requests? What are the consequences for you if you truthfully tell them that your deposit taker does not support the documentation that they request?

It sounds as if the problem is these authorities’ unreasonable expectations rather than Revolut’s commendable lack of paper documents. These “authorities” need to modernise, as Revolut has done.

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Hi everyone!

Is there any update on this?

I need some verified bank statements from Revolut (stamped or signed) to provide to my solicitor. Is there anyway to get these?

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Some banks singn e-statment with electronic signature to sign document . In some countries it don’t need stamp and can be printed but need to have electonic sign.

True, though not 100% sure what you refer to:

  1. Bunq produces PDF statements that incorporate a signature and stamp (whether this will always be accepted is another thing, but it’s better than nothing!)
  2. Some banks particularly in Switzerland produce PDF statements that are cryptographically signed so that the authenticity of a PDF statement can always be ascertained (in electronic form).

Revolut does neither of these, and it would be a good (and easy) improvement if they would take both of these options on board!

In this particular case it was a tax authority in an EU country.

Does your tax authority require these features?

For instance, I just provided the December statement and have blacked out all transaction data.
I had to “proof” the funds held at 31 December and interest gained.
That was for taxes in Switzerland and it was accepted.