Ability to have custom categories

It could be a nice idea to implemente like 2/3 custom categories so we can track different type of expenses, like “gifts”, “online shopping”, etc…


A category for coffee, for me.


brought this up already in the Ideas section, it would be nice to tag all expenses (even of different categories) with a certain word “easter trip”, etc. So that in the end we can do a sum of all the expenses for that new thing.


Yes, @plasyon47 suggested this already :slight_smile:

Maybe further down the line guys.


Hi! I recently made a donation in the case of a crowdfunding and I would to be able to better track such expenses, which do not quite fit in Entertainment or Transfers. Would it be easier for the dev team to add such a category (Crowdfunding) or to add the ability to create custom ones?

Thanks for your hard work, by the way!


Hey, any news on this? I could really use some custom categories in analytics.


+1 for that idea from me too.

Also, it would be great to have more than 1 category (or you can call them tags).
For example, let’s say I purchase some cleaning products. I would like to be able to categorize them as both “Cleaning” and “Household” - at some point it might be interesting how much I spend on household, but also how much I spend on cleaning only.

Wasn’t able to


Hi, yes, having the ability to make custom categories is definitely necessary.
Like for instance “going out/party” or also “expenses for work” (because they will be refunded later by the company), or “rent” etc!


I think even without explicit custom categories it would be possible to track expenses so much better if the transaction search function was a bit more advanced - say if it didn’t just show all transactions with a particular key word in the notes, but also the sum of all such transactions over a given period, eg week/month/year/custom. Should be relatively easy to implement.

For now, I would be happy even if you guys just added the column with transaction notes to the excel exported account statements


I like the idea of categories and I like even better that they are in a column when I export the transactions.

However, I echo what others have to say about the categories being to narrow. Some of us have kids and trust me, they deserve a section of their own. Some of us even pay taxes!

I think custom categories would allow me to properly catalogue transactions and when I export the transactions, have them match my accounting software categories.

I think @ plasyon47 idea of tags is a great idea to join expenses that span multiple categories like a holiday trip.


Why all my visits in pubs are under RESTAURANTS category ???

i need another category for that, why there is no option to create your own categories? or even ready provided category bars/pubs ???

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It’s funny they even introduced a “donations” feature but you cannot easily find your donations because they’re mixed up with transfers. I also make regular donations to other organizations that are not supported by Revolut and they appear under the “services” category. I could change it to something else, but honestly no category is suitable. “Transfers” doesn’t sound like much of an improvement. Custom categories would solve this and many similar potential issues in the future.

I would definitely need at least 2 more categories for my spendings: Education and Donations. I never know where to put these.

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Yes customise categories and also add sub categories

A list of them as an example :

  • Accommodation : and sub cat = Rent
  • Bar/Club
  • Subscriptions (for Netflix, iCloud…)
  • Transport (cars, taxi, Uber, métro)
    And others…

What if we could add our own categories (and why not sub categories)? Manually adding into categories at the beginning and then it could be done automatically with the deep learning. Just an idea :slight_smile:


It’s here now:

But… HOW do I edit a category? I made a ‘test’ category and can now neither rename nor delete it :joy:

Go to Analytics>category (that you created). There’s an edit icon in the top right corner :slight_smile:


Oooh. The category doesn’t show if it’s not selected with at least 1 transaction.