Ability to have custom categories

It could be a nice idea to implemente like 2/3 custom categories so we can track different type of expenses, like “gifts”, “online shopping”, etc…


A category for coffee, for me.


brought this up already in the Ideas section, it would be nice to tag all expenses (even of different categories) with a certain word “easter trip”, etc. So that in the end we can do a sum of all the expenses for that new thing.


Yes, @plasyon47 suggested this already :slight_smile:

Maybe further down the line guys.

Hi! I recently made a donation in the case of a crowdfunding and I would to be able to better track such expenses, which do not quite fit in Entertainment or Transfers. Would it be easier for the dev team to add such a category (Crowdfunding) or to add the ability to create custom ones?

Thanks for your hard work, by the way!


Hey, any news on this? I could really use some custom categories in analytics.


+1 for that idea from me too.

Also, it would be great to have more than 1 category (or you can call them tags).
For example, let’s say I purchase some cleaning products. I would like to be able to categorize them as both “Cleaning” and “Household” - at some point it might be interesting how much I spend on household, but also how much I spend on cleaning only.

Wasn’t able to


Hi, yes, having the ability to make custom categories is definitely necessary.
Like for instance “going out/party” or also “expenses for work” (because they will be refunded later by the company), or “rent” etc!


I think even without explicit custom categories it would be possible to track expenses so much better if the transaction search function was a bit more advanced - say if it didn’t just show all transactions with a particular key word in the notes, but also the sum of all such transactions over a given period, eg week/month/year/custom. Should be relatively easy to implement.

For now, I would be happy even if you guys just added the column with transaction notes to the excel exported account statements


I like the idea of categories and I like even better that they are in a column when I export the transactions.

However, I echo what others have to say about the categories being to narrow. Some of us have kids and trust me, they deserve a section of their own. Some of us even pay taxes!

I think custom categories would allow me to properly catalogue transactions and when I export the transactions, have them match my accounting software categories.

I think @ plasyon47 idea of tags is a great idea to join expenses that span multiple categories like a holiday trip.


Why all my visits in pubs are under RESTAURANTS category ???

i need another category for that, why there is no option to create your own categories? or even ready provided category bars/pubs ???