Ability to change communication language

Hello :slight_smile:

I want to receive emails by Revolut in English, as I have in the past, but today I received an email in a different language.

I asked customer support to change the emails language back to English and they said that it’s not possible because it’s automatically detected and set by default, because of the country my account is registered in :frowning_face:

It’s the same discussion regarding app language. Some time back it changed from English to German because I live in Switzerland. There is still no option to set the language manually, although there is great demand for it.

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I didn’t think these were directly related, thanks!

I’m not sure if it’s really directly related, but in both cases, the option to choose the language is missing.

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The systems aren’t technically related. App language is defined by the phone’s setting. And email language is defined by their CRM system / customer database.

Probably correct. But one place in the app where the user can choose the preferred language would be enough to set it for both.

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Yeah, from a user’s perspective, not from a software development perspective.

It’s all about user experience. :wink:

Exactly, and since all is about user experience, one needs to allocate limited resources wisely, and if one front end toggle results in two separate backend tasks, the bill ends up to be more substantial.

Such small things can be deciding factors, If there are two well suited offerings for a given user. That’s why it’s as important to offer a good product as it is to implement a decent user interface with the features asked for.

Users don’t understand, why such a switch should be a problem to implement. And neither do I, as a computer since engineer which did do software design and implementation for over twenty years before my focus changed years ago to the more conceptual side.


wrong architecture and management with other priorities, these are usually the reasons


Manual language change as user option is a must. Revolut DO IT asap. I’m not happy for revolut interface suddenly changing in my own language (after app update). I want eng interface back for revolut app. I know I can change it back if I change phone lang to eng, but thats just lame.

I’m repeating myself - please add option to manually choose app language. DO NOT assume, that I want Revolut app in my local lang even when my phone lang is set to local. I want revolut app in English… more you translate, more confusing it gets. Now payment section in app is completely changed (in v5.55), I’m not comfortable to even try what those options you translated in my local lang actually mean. English would be much better !!!

p.s. I dont want to change my phone lang to eng, I just want my revolut app to be in Eng ! Please, provide this option.