Ability to assign categories to incoming payments


If I split a bill with someone via Revolut, I would like to be able to see that my spend in a particular category is offset by the amount I get back.


I spend £40 in groceries and split the bill with a friend who pays me back £20.
In the spend analytics the grocery category still says £40, when really I have been refunded half the amount through the split bill and it should say £20.

This would be solved by being able to assign a category to an incoming payment.


Hello @coghmeister,

That’s right! Thank you for your suggestion.

I’ll pass it on :slight_smile:


Andreas K.


Yes this is important I think. The issue is twofold involving both the categorical information being lost and that regarding the amount spent that was actually split.


Hi AndreasK.any thoughts on this one? It makes budgeting with revolut very difficult as the totals in the analytics view are hugely overinflated