ABA Number ?

Need this to top up my account via transfer. Help?

Hello :slight_smile:

As far as I know, ABA numbers are only assigned to USA banks, and to make a USD bank transfer top-up, you are supposed to make a bank transfer to the UK, if I am not mistaken. :confused:

You’re supposed to use the BIC/SWIFT instead, I believe

My bank is asking a ABA number to send USD from EUA to my account in revolut in USD.

Because revolut is in LONDON and they need a bank to deposit in my account is USD.

They can deposit in pounds , but i will pay a lot of money in the change.

Can someone help me ?

Please Help

My bank is asking a ABA number to transfer USD from USA to MY account in revolut in USD.

Otherwise they will send in pounds.

Can someone give me a ABA number ?

USD transfers from USA to Revolut are done via SWIFT. If the sender can’t do SWIFT you will have to make an stop at Transferwise, they do provide a local USD account with ABA/ACH code

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