A Web App

Hey! I think that a web app would be a great idea to manage the account:slightly_smiling_face:.
It would match this “light design” and provide more advanced functions like real-time trading (with charts and stuff) for example.


It has been suggested a lot, hopefully they release it soon!


There is a lot of chatter about this idea here:
Online portal just in case you lose your phone?

Kinda late to the party but you can now use :r: Emergency
It’s not a web app but it can run on your computer (presuming you’re using Windows, Linux or OSX).
You will be able to view your transactions, freeze your cards and contact customer support :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes and not …
Web access is good but more open door for hackers.

I’m a web dev … and for Revolut App i think that all requests for the web can be realized in the application…

and yet they had a wave of scam SMS due to their poor security measures like the login PIN being the same to confirm transactions and showing each contact that has Revolut without requiring that both parties have eachother’s number.

Problems like this are unfortunately all too common in all areas and the world’s largest banks have the same concerns. On the other hand, opening up new possibilities to scams is not necessarily a good idea… Especially since the revolut application is frankly well done and clean.
Why want a web access I do not understand … Yet as I said I’m web developer and for a lot of application domain I recommend the web but in this case… I don’t think that brings any more.

For me personally - smart phone screen is too small to be really ergonomic for any serious work. Graphs are small. You must be clicking like a monkey to get somewhere. On the real web app with big screen you can have much more information on one screen, you can easily swap between other apps and information. Doing stock trades in Revolut app on smart phone is really bad. Sitting in front of 24" screen reading about stocks and then take 5" phone to do the trade… very unpleasant experience.
I understand somebody like to do everything on small phone but I like it opposite way - everything on PC, only calls or SMS on phone.

It’s understandable.