A way better beneficiaries management

Right now, the panel that displays all my registered beneficiaries is just a gigantic mess, between contacts imported from my cardbook, and my manual entries. I feel like it could be easier to find the person I want.

What I’d like is the possibility to add informations to an existing contact : if one of my cardbook contact has Revolut, then it’s displayed at the top of my list. For another one, being able to add its IBAN to its identity (and have it at top of the list aswell), instead of having to create a new beneficiary and having its name entered twice. Even the possibility to enter multiple IBAN to a single person (then sorting them by custom name/bank)

I really don’t see the point of having all my contacts list in Revolut (I don’t send a weekly invite to my non-Revolut friends), so maybe a possibility to hide them, and then have a real Revolut contact list, with either their Revolut account or their IBAN.


Hi @CelianGdfrd :wave:,

Thank you for such an amazing feedback. We appreciate the time you have taken to provide your detailed point of view.:+1:

We are always trying to streamline our products, so stay tuned :eyes:

SG | Community Team


Now that I found this forum to yell at Revolut when I have a problem (AND can create topics of my own), be sure I won’t miss a chance to give you my opinions :angel:

(jk, love you guys)

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Hi @CelianGdfrd ,

Please feel free to get in touch with us whenever you have any feedback or face any problem. :heart:

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