A swiss based Account to transfer money


I’m living in Switzerland and have only Swiss accounts. If I transfer money to Revolut in CHF, I have to pay a lot of fees. If I transfer to EUR account, i have the bad exchange rate of my bank.

It would be good if revolut would have a swiss based account where i can transfer money. (i believe that this would increase also your customer base in switzerland)


You’re not the first :wink:
Have a look there: SWITZERLAND - Most cost-efficient top-up methods
For now, no perfect solution, We’re all dreaming about a Swiss IBAN.


As mentioned before, we’re working on it :slight_smile:


Good Stuff! -Look forward to the annoucement.
ps: the idea of this whole fintech banking is simply awesome.

Swiss account + personal iban


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Love it hahahaha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Revolut now offer a local CHF pooled IBAN. Personal ones should be coming eventually.