A simple ticket based tool to show the status of current features/products/bugs


So one of the things I think Revolut should do better is informing the community, in a clear and simple way, of what you guys are doing now. I would suggest to modify how the Revolut community page works and, instead of offering traditional topic or threads, make them more standardised (with tags showing the state of the thread) so that they are easily trackable and can be move to specific sections of the forum.

An example of this:

It has been asked by the community to integrate Revolut in services such as Apple Pay, and there is a topic about it. The problem is that there are many comments inside the thread and it is difficult to find the answers of the team (or whether or not it is currently in development). The idea would be to add tags to the topic to know the current state of it. So if the topic is an idea, the options would be: pending, approved, discarded or in development.

To complement this, it would be nice to add a standardised structure of a topic. So instead of just having the option to select the title of the topic and a general theme (ideas, bugs, feedback, etc.), add an extra layer to classify the topic and make it easier for the users to find them. An idea would be for example (in the case of bugs) to add another field that allows the user to select if the bug is about: transactions, card issues, app issues, fx problems, etc.

With this method, people would have a much easier way to find things in the forum and it will be a simple and direct way for the revolut team to communicate with the community (simply by marking an idea with the tag approved, we will know that it has been read and you are planning to include it in the future).

What do you guys think?


I think this is a great idea !