A simple money request from a friend? Not simple ...


Having agreed a loan to a friend, I received from him a Revolut Money Request email. It all looked simple, but it really really wasn’t. I would say to anyone, turn back now, the Revolut User Experience is appalling … I will recount… it has been one of my worst user experiences of my internet life

  1. I could not pay money straight into his account from my bank, that would be too easy. I had to make a Revolut account;
  2. I could not do it from a laptop browser, but had to do it from Mobile App;
  3. Once I downloaded and set up the account, I could not top the account by more than £200 a day unless I verified the account, so it would take ten days to load up sufficient money for the loan;
  4. I could not verify the account unless I used the camera within the Revolut App. As it was nighttime, and since there is no option to turn off the flash in the Revolut App (nor did it work to turn off the flash in the main camera app), it was impossible to take a photo of passport/driving licence without glare, and so all attempts were refused. I had to wait till the next day until there was sunlight, so my flash would not go off!!;
  5. Having finally verified the next day, I made a bank transfer, but the money did not land for half a day. Concerned, and looking around on forums I saw that some people in the past had to wait 10 days for the money to appear. At the time I didn’t know how long mine would take;
  6. Once the money did land, I pressed the link sent by my friend so as to connect me to his Revolut account, but the link doesn’t do that, it merely opens the Revolut App … it neither remembers the amount requested nor the person requesting. I looked around everywhere for a way other than by opening my entire contacts list to Revolut, but there was no other way. The poor user experience to this point did not make me at all inclined to open up anything to them, but this was the only way. Finally I conceded, and I opened my entire address book to Revolut;
  7. So, I was finally able to send the money but … poof, “Money not transferred, please try again later”. An hour later, still not able to make the transfer;
  8. Search for someone to call, but the only phone number available is for cancelling cards, not for talking to someone. Have to use online chat;
  9. Write out this user experience to “Rita” but quickly told it was too complex for her (an AI response) and so must wait up to 6 hours for a response from a live agent.

So, to someone who has been requested a significant amount of money from a friend (at night :slight_smile: ), that email that they send you with a simple request is far simpler than the actual process of payment. At the time I had been considering a Revolut account, so I wasn’t entirely against signing up … but for those of you out there who had never even heard of it, I would highly recommend asking your friend if there was another way. For my part, the experience is such that once I have managed to retrieve my money, I will shut my account. However I leave this post so perhaps you can avoid/streamline through some of the difficulties I have had;

To Revolut, I recommend that the simple email that you send on behalf of the requester contain a LOT more information about the complexity of responding to the request. And … have you ever heard of UX testing? I recommend that you pay someone to test yours a little more thoroughly. Goodbye. Definitely won’t be using you again if I can avoid; and I will tell everyone my experience so that they know that best to avoid; or brace themselves if they are obliged. And I recommend you look at each of the steps above, and think how to ameliorate user’s experiences in those areas.


May I ask why not? Your friend will have all the necessary bank information associated with his :r: account to allow you to do this. You do not need a :r: account to send money to another person’s account.