A quiz: get to know Revolt and earn a free card


Here’s a thing: Revolut seems to lack at one aspect compared to traditional banks. Explaining to customers how things work.

There are some basic questions people ask constantly. They are explained in the FAQs, but still, that customers ask them is evidence that the customer experience flow does not point them effectively to these informations.

So here’s the idea: a quiz for new users. It’s optional, not mandatory, but new users do get a benefit for finishing it. Free/discount shipping for the first physical card, a one time raise of the free ATM allowance …

The quiz would cover basic things where Revolut is different compared to traditional cards.

  • How to activate the card
  • How to check the PIN
  • How to add a new currency
  • How to activate crypto
  • Which wallet does the card select when paying abroad
  • Do I have to exchange before paying in a foreign currency
  • Understanding the card security features