A Poll. Is the Revolut Premium Card worth it?

Hello All,
I’ve been looking at the ‘Pro’s and Con’s’ of a Premium Card.

In your opinion is it worth £6.99 a month, IF you have one what benefits do you get that’s different from the ordinary one?

If you want one what price do you think it should be?
OR as we all put a lot of money through ‘Revolut’ should it be free?

I don’t want it to be free; why? Because I want Revolut to be financially viable.

Transfers all across the world are free, 400 GBP ATM withdrawals, cards shipped all over the world - I’d happily pay 10 GBP for what we get.

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You can always insert a poll :wink:

  • Yes
  • Barely
  • Not at all

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£400.00 is nothing Daily expenditure, Should be £500 daily Unlimited usage.
Don’t you fret your additional £5.00 you’d pay is just a cup of coffee.
Revolut isn’t going anywhere

Stop thinking you’re an investor you’re NOT, You’re a customer, Without ‘US’ No Revolut.