a NeoBank has to be a bank first

I am a former investment banker and I have launched recently myself a new ecosystem supporting entrepreneurs. In this new venture I wanted to try a Neo Bank for my own business … First impressions were super positives especially regarding the fees like to FX change … however now after just 1 month I face simple and basic banking needs that are not covered (like Standing Order, Direct Debit, Debit Card, Mobile App…) … I understand that it’s a new bank and everything has to be developed … but if I do not even have a roadmap to present to your customer you are going to face shortly the really and people like myself are not really patient … **

so please communicate to your clients what you are going to do and deliver

** …

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Hello @cpechoux !

Thank you for the feedback, I understand your point and will refer it to our business development team for further consideration.
While most of the features you mentioned are present on our roadmap, we are taking our time to test them and deliver product that is fully functional.
I hope we will be sharing some exciting news shortly regarding our future plans, stay tuned!

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Why dont you, at least, provide a rough but realistic time frame as to when these features will be available?

For example, no one has a clue when the domestic topup IBAN for CHF will be available. The same goes for the banking license.

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ok great marketing answer !

what is the roadmap ? just to have an idea

Guys, N26 for business is coming to the UK with a clear roadmap and basic banking features … if you do not want to loose Revolut fans super quick you should clarify the situation …

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Two days and no response - and it is not like @rafael_revolut wasnt online during that time.

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