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:wave: Hello fellow community members :wave:

We would like to make sure that you know that you are heard and that we keep a close eye on what is being said :eyes: We do our best to make sure the feedback given here is channeled to the right teams so that we could address it internally :ok_hand:

With that being covered there are some highlighted topics which we would love to address:

Poor customer service:

  • We hear you on this topic and would love for you to know that we are doing everything to make sure that our customer service and support side of the app are of the highest of standards. We only deliver the best and want to make sure that you feel this too. For this reason, we ask that you take the time to rate the experiences you have had via the chat service and be as honest and open as possible so that we could address your points when implementing changes.
  • If you have been told in your chat that you are going to be passed onto the relevant team, we kindly ask that you wait for the response from the given team, as sometimes there are high volumes, which may result in a delayed response. Our goal ofcourse is to make sure you are attended to as fast as possible.
  • If you have been requested to provide any information either via chat or via a pop up screen when you log in, please do your best to address this so that such requests could be smoothly dealt with. In most cases you will get the option to got to chat or get a β€œ?” icon which will lead you through to chat.
  • During outages or errors on the app, their may be increased volumes. As a company we do our best to make sure we avoid such. This is why we make sure to be transparent and keep you up to date. Be sure to check the status page: Status Centre | Revolut to be kept up to date when something goes wrong.
  • If a customer support agent has provided you with all the information they can and you still feel that this is not what you were asking, make sure to raise this with the agent so that they could better address your request.

Cannot log-in:

  • This has been taken on board and we have our best working around the clock to prevent such from happening, sometimes the issue needs to be looked into. For this reason it would be best to follow this thread: for all your fixes - MUST READ - #2 to find out what to do.

Tax related queries with trading:

  • Your investments can generate some income or capital gains for you. For example, if you receive dividends or if you sell a stock at a higher price than you bought it. These proceeds may be subject to tax according to your local tax rules and it is your responsibility to understand how to declare and pay any tax due.

General issues/ changes:

  • If you are experiecing any personal issues with any fuctions on the app, be sure to head on over to the in-app chat for support.

Having issues posting on the community page:

  • Please head on over to our FAQ page, it is there to help with such toipics and the first topic in the FAQs addresses this. Here is the link: FAQ - Revolut Community

I am not getting support on the community:

  • The community is an online space which has been created to set up a user friendly space to discuss and share topics. The community is not a support channel and the articles found here are mainly that of users and workarounds/ fixes provided from Revoluts side. Revolut aims to make sure that all information provided is accurate and helpful and will only jump in where needed.

:raising_hand_woman: If you feel that their is a trending topic that should be addressed, please do make sure to add it in this thread so that we could do just that :pray:


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