a lot of feedback was gathered on the "new" app

A lot of Feedback was gathered about the “new” app around the time of it’s release.

I had the impression that it was highly divisive and a lot of good suggestions were made. However don’t get the impression that there was any kind of review. The UI hasn’t changed even the tiniest bit in response to criticisms.

Is there s process involving people at Revolut who were not necessarily those that developed it and so who are better placed to review the comments fairly?


I don’t agree.

I can list from the top of my head points of critique that were resolved:

  • customizable backgrounds (own photo upload)
  • swipe to quickly switch between accounts
  • reorder account list
  • statistics for shared accounts
  • income category in statistics
  • hide crypto from menu bar

I am sure there’s more.


Thanks. It sounds like you know what you’re talking about and I’ll admit those changes would be invisible to me. So I’m reassured. However there were some big issues raised.

Every time I open the app in a public space (supermarket, airplane…) have to remember to. First hold iPhone far enough away so that FaceID will work. Then as it starts to activate move phone rapidly in to chest (so that those in the vicinity cannot see my account balance that is in massive bold text - maybe it’s OK if it’s 50 or 500, but 5,000 or 50,000 probably not). Then, holding phone at an uncomfortable viewing angle (at this point I’m peering down my nose) figure out what I want to do.

Every time I open the app in private I’m like staring at screen half of which is blank (save for that massive account balance) thinking “wtf, why do I have to click again to see anything of value”.

I get that a large part of the userbase might like something a bit playful but can’t we have a choice?


Right now, the different app screens are designed on the same design grid. How additional informations are published, where and how additional functionality is positioned. The designers clearly wanted to use the identical design grid for these screens. The regular account screen doesn’t use this space as efficient as the investment screen does, but it’s a compromise they were willing to accept.

I am not saying there’s no solution to it, that Revolut shouldn’t consider improving this, or that you’re wrong with your assessment. But the underlying design paradigm here played a major role in how they set this up.

I personally think it’s not very likely that they deviate much from this. I don’t really have an opinion here. If they change it, that’s okay with me. I just don’t think this is something they would address unless there’s major backlash. Some things are easier to implement than others. And I don’t just mean from a technical or UI design perspective. More like virtual cornerstones and templates in designer’s and engineer’s minds about how they want to design something, if that makes sense.

(Just in case you’re not aware of this: there’s a security feature that blurs the balance with a flip gesture.)


Thanks for the reminder. I have the flip gesture activated but generally don’t use it because it prevents ME from seeing the various account balances (if there was just one could probably keep track in my head)! I’m perfectly happy with balances showing as long as they are in a small font. What bothers me is something that can be read from the other side of the room / the seats behind etc…

Basically what Revolut has done with a half-empty page and an oversized balance is a deviation from the norm in banking apps (where the balance is usually small and at the top of the page leaving lots of room for transactions underneath). No doubt they have reasons for it (attracting 16yr old new customers?) but it doesn’t strike me as being very complicated to offer a setting that toggles between “cool mode” (default) and “grown up mode” (more like a normal banking app!)

I’ve noticed lots of people love the use of the word “Pockets”. To me it sounds all wrong. I wouldn’t keep much more than a 50 in my trouser pockets but in practice in (what used to be called Vaults) I keep rather a lot (to prevent losing it in some transactional keystroke error). The cool thing about software is it’s easy to come up with many different Looks (or Skins) based on a single underlying data and logic model. IMHO in a banking app that’s a smart way to cater to a wide range of demographics and maximise the customer base.

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This is what comes to mind when I read about app skins: