A fully Integrated global system?


I live in europe, get paid in dollars and come from the UK. I have a spanish paypal account, a spanish and US stripe account a spanish bank account and a Revolut account.

At the moment I can only fund my Revolut account from my Spanish bank… so all my currency has to be changed to euros to get to to my revolut account to then be exchanged back to the currency I need at that time.

I get slaughtered on exchange fee’s. It’s not unusual to have US$ changed to Euros then back to US$ again.

In an ideal Revolut World I’d be able to move my US$ from stripe or paypal to my Revolut card (via a us Iban acccount?) the same if I bill in euros or GPB.

I am not unique in this pretty much all online businesses suffer these issues.

Surely this should be on the Revolut Roadmap

European Accounts for Premium users or with a fee to ordinary users

Currently you can already withdraw from Paypal to Revolut using your GBP or EUR details.
Local USD accounts will arrive once they launch officially in the US, that should be Q1 2018, so hopefully not much longer. Please note that the IBAN system isn’t used in the US, they use the ACH system.

Last thing, if you have a business, you might want to look into Revolut for Business.


Why? How do you transfer money to revolut account? Is this topup from the other card or typical transfer by bank account?


You need to add the bank account details (not the card) to Paypal. It only works for withdrawals. Not for paying with paypal (use the card details for this). Revolut does not yet support direct debit.


I haven’t been able to withdraw from paypal to EUR as we don’t get an Iban as far as i know. I could do UK if I had a UK iban but as i don’t live there I don’t.

Will non us residents be able to get a US bank number?


Frank, That’s only for UK resident isn’t it?

I added my card to paypal but don’t get the option to add money to it.


You should be able to get a personalised IBAN in your name with Revolut, we all have it.

In Revolut, I have both UK details & IBAN, both in my name. I’ve tried only UK paypal with UK details (and it works) but I heard the IBAN works too.

US residents should get the dedicated US bank number too yet (as well as BSB account number for Australia)


I’m confused now… Revolut told me that i can;t get an Iban number for spain yet but they plan to add one later.

Paypal Won’t make cross border deposits so as my paypal account is a spanish one I can’t pay money to a UK iban number

What am I missing here?


Sorry, I think we misunderstood each other.
Yes, the IBAN is from the UK, and starts with “GB”. It’s not possible to get a Spanish one at the moment.

I personally have two paypals, one for France and one for the UK (I already had another bank there). I agree that Paypal’s policy about this is a bit silly, but they literally told me to open an account for each country so… that’s where we’re at.


That’s a sore subject… I have had a UK paypal for the last 13 years but they froze it when i moved to spain as i couldn’t provide them with a UK address :frowning:


Ehh, sorry mate, that stuff can be very frustrating.

Keep you accounts opened, and use friends/family address + disable paper statements, works very well :smile:


I have a similar issue, as I am temporarily based in Spain, also have a Spanish bank account. Would be great to have the feature you spoke of… Just posed an idea for it European Accounts for Premium users or with a fee to ordinary users