£600 lost in international transfer for a month - really poor support


I really want to love Revolut (I adore Monzo) because of the amazing multi-currency support and FX skills.

However, I sent CHF383,45 to a Swiss friend on 8 September and the money was instantly debited from my account. By 17 Sept she had not received it so I sent another CHF402,00…

She did not receive this despite it also being debited.

By 3 October at 08:40 I had not heard anything from Revolut about failed transfers and so raised an in-app support request which was immediately replied to with “We are extremely busy at the moment”. Finally someone replied to me at 16:48 that day which of course I missed because I don’t have notifications for Revolut on because they spam me with unnecessary “offers”.

The saga continues - it is now 14 October and the situation is still not resolved. They have finally refunded 1 transfer but not both.

My feedback to Revolut:

1 - use a proper email support ticketing system like ZenDesk so your customers can interact with you and solve issues comprehensively (e.g. add attachments fully rather than just photos). You’re in a grown-up world with hundred’s of £ of people’s money. We don’t want to chat in an app like children.

2 - give your support staff real names so people can be assured of actual service. It does not help with issue resolution if your customers are never sure who they are dealing with at any given time.

3 - for serious issues including lost money etc perhaps you should provide at least a phone number?

I am now being assisted by Witold in customer support who is being helpful - but this is after 11 days from my first support request and over a month after my initial transfer went missing.

Not good at all.


thats sad to hear. But you realize that revolut is the only app that supports in -app chat feature to solve your problems. there might be billions of users who wants to solve their issues. i dont blame live chat for this but yeah 11 days is a long time to wait. But since you posted here they will notice more and also twitter is always useful.
Tho i’ve subscribed for premium support so i get support after their working hours too. They reply late there aswell but hey, its a money app. there are people with lots of issues. So i suggest please stay calm since you’ve already being and it will be resolved quickly dont worry revolut is great app for sure!


Hi Will.

Thank you for your helpful feedback. I will share it with the team, so we can make sure this doesn’t happen again.

I would like to clarify, the transfer was returned by our payment processor on the13th of October, as the beneficiary bank didn’t recognise the reference details. Unfortunately, a transfer reversal can take time, as more than one financial institutions or banks are involved.

Once a transfer has been bounced back, a puss notification is sent to the user. Not sure why you haven’t received it. Do you have “notifications” enabled?

Regarding our support team, all the agent are using their real names and they even have a face photo in their profiles. However, I will review your chat history, so that I can double check if there’s an agent without a photo.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.


Andreas K.


Thanks Andreas - I really appreciate your reply.

The issue re the transfer being returned is that there were two and one (oddly the later one sent) has been refunded and not the other.

The issue with notifications is that I turned them off because otherwise the app spams me with notifications for offers that I don’t really want… (which is why I was asking for a non-app support solution).

As you will see from my support history I have dealt with Maciej, Witold (just with an R avatar) and Kamil but I was not aware that I could find their names by pressing on their avatar!

Thanks again - Will