6 digit PIN code

I changed my 4 digit PIN code at the ATM in a new 6 digit code. In the Revolut app the new code is shown only with 4 digits. What’s wrong?

Only 4 digit pin is supported.

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Yeah. Noticed the same a while ago. ATM allowed me to change the pin to 6 digit but Revolut accepted only the first 4 of those 6 digits. Which was unexpected since the ATM showed the PIN change to 6 digits as successful.
However, allowing 6 digit PINs would something for the “to-do-list” for the Revolut team. Adds another layer of security.

wise only supports 4 digits. I tried and managed to change on the atm in CH to 6 digits (my preferred). but when using pin in grocery store it did not work. so changed to 4 digits and then it worked in grocery and showed up in the app. too bad that you can’t lower your spending limit in wise. that is better in revolut bc you can set a low global personal spending limit for withdrawals etc. so there is some more security.