5000e or 6000e for free for payment with exchange currencies ?


I don t understand if we can pay 5000 or 6000 euros without fee in a foreign currencies ??


It should be 6000. Where did you get 5000 from? Or were you looking at sterling?


the allowance is in your base currency and 5000 gbp are sort of 6000 eur. Mine is £5000.

Update: €5677… @alejandro.mery cries in brexit


No worries, the withdrawal limit is higher instead :slight_smile:





Why? UK accounts can withdraw more :sunglasses:



more that is worth less :sob:


I am confused



sometime i see 6000 euros and sometime 5000e ???

for exemple


Good point. This does say 5000 euro. A question for support I guess or @AndreasK