5% ATM Fees in the First withdrawing within my country !

I can see why you got tricked:


The whole “accept/decline” could be understood as “accept and get the cash” or “decline and f*ck off”.
I can confirm to you: press the Decline button, and you will get your money, without any fee. (I tried, and I was charged only the 20 euros I requested).

A much clearer approach I think was at Caisse d’Épargne:

For those who don’t speak French, it basically says: “Choose an option” at the top, with “Standard withdrawal” on the left, and “Withdrawal with DCC conversion, provided by Euronet” on the right. Two buttons at the bottom saying confirm.

Here, you need to press “retrait standard” (the one without conversion from the ATM) :slight_smile:
Seriously, a 1.07 gbp/eur rate is just horrible… thieves…

As you can see it depends a bit on ATMs, but it’s usually there.