£5.00 Fee for Virtual Cards


This has to be one of the most backward things you have done to your service and you were doing so well. Virtual cards should be * Free * or less than a £1 like other services I have used. The pricing policy you have now employed really makes your service somewhat inept and useless for people who wish to have control over their card details (renew often or use for trials, shopping on foreign websites etc…)

If entropy can still do this cheap, you surely can. Considering your still seeking money off users and investor seed funding you should again. Make your service great not start good and then step (b)backwards!!(b)


I have to agree… I see no point in a fee that high for an additional virtual card which is, indeed, virtual, without the costs of producing and delivering a physical cards (for which the costs are, instead, obviously justified and so is the resulting fee).