£5.00 charge for ordinary Revolut Card.


I’ve been reading lots of posts and see a lot of disgruntled ‘Revolut’ customers for ALL sorts of reasons, ranging from transfers taking weeks, Cards snatched at ATM’s, Cards blocked for no reason, Poor ‘Live Agent’ assistance and rather bad English.
Methinks it’s all just ‘Teething’ problems and ‘Revolut’ are still adjusting.

Some complain of the £5.00 charge for the card, Whilst many others seemed to get them FREE.

Did you pay for your card?
Did you get your card free?

Thanks for the feedback.


AFAIK card is free, shipment costs something.
In Poland (after some time at the beginning) it was 6 EUR, then about 25 PLN- it was when the card was shipped form London. Then between July and December it was 9 PLN, now is 10 PLN. During this time card is shipped from Poland.

I’ve seen that it were some limited actions directed to French, and Italian that everything was completely free.


There were marketing campaigns where Revolut sent out cards completely for free.

Besides these temporary limited campaigns, there are two fees involved:


Issuance of the 1st card (virtual or physical) is free. Shipping for a physical card costs GBP 5 on the basic plan and is free for premium subscribers. Issuance for the 2nd card costs a spare card fee on the basic plan and is free for premium subscribers.