£4000 yearly cap on sending IN money?

I was trying to add more money on my card and received a message back that I can only deposit £4000 a year.

How can Revolut place a cap on me sending them money from a verified UK retail bank. It seems completely contrary to their business model. I thought they were trying to make money from FX transactions. I have also never read that a cap existed.

Does it help if I move to the premium version?

Any suggestions would be appreciated


Does your Revolut account is verified?

More > Profile > Verification & Limits.

Shoud go up after verification. Mine is 11450 GBP (60.000 RON), probably yours will be around 15K…

My verification limit is only £3,810? I see that I need to show payslips to raise the limit but as I am self employed this is not possible. I still do not understand why they need to check as the risk is taken by my UK bank not Revolut.

Proceed to verify your account (ID and proof of address).
Check also with the in-app support.

For me they didn’t asked for payslips, as I remember I had more options (bank statement, utility bill, or something dunno)

Ok…thanks. Seems very antiquated asking for payslips and not representative of a revolutionary card in today’s world.

I agree, but you should see how much fun I have when I’m applying for a visa as self employed :laughing:

There should be a solution for you too. Try to contact support :slight_smile:

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Hi there. Could you please drop me a DM so that I can help?

Hi Andreas …can you give me some advice on increasing my limit?

Are you able to send me a direct message please?

Hi Andreas

Is this the right address to contact you directly?

Dear Andreas,
I have need to spend the money that has been deposited to my Euro account at Revolut. My account however has been blocked. I have already verified my accounts as well. Please will you be able to fix this is for me as I need access to my funds urgently.
Kind regards,

Hi there. I can see that a member of the team has helped you to unlock your account. Thanks for you patience.

Hi Andreas,
Yes the support did answer and unlock my account.
However now Andreas I have been trying to contact support for the last 35 hours and there has no been response again.
I also uploaded my documents which said verification takes 24 hours. Its been longer than that and I have not gotten a response on that either. Is there something wrong with my support profile as there seems to be no response even during working hours

Please let me have a look.

Hi AndreasK. I can’t see how to DM you. I urgently need help with my £4k limit.

Hi there. Thank you for your patience. I’ve escalated this issue to the relevant team which is better suited to help you with your request. Please note a member of the team will contact you via in-app chat as soon as possible.