£4000 limit with no way to increase


Having seen a friend join Revolut to transfer some £ to €, I decided to do the same. He transferred £5,000 worth yesterday, his first transaction. And I decided to sign up and transfer £10,000 worth today. HOWEVER, it would appear that I actually have a £4,000 top-up limit and I don’t know why mine is less than my friends was?!

£4,000 is not much use to anyone. I am fully verified and there is no option to increase this limit on the verification screen. I have tried speaking to a live agent via Rita, but they just say they’ll ‘escalate to the relevant team’ and then leave me hanging for hours with no response. I’ve sent an image of my P60 anyway, but to no avail.

My £10,000 is currently ‘pending’ and trapped in limbo. Not ideal! Please can anyone help? @AndreasK?


Solved already - thanks Revolut. Quick and easy. There are definitely support staff around guys, just be patient (like I wasn’t)!

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