£400 per month not much


The £400 permonth limit is a bit useless its not enough to go on holiday with is it surly it should be more


withdraw limit? because there is no such limit, this is just the limit without fees, otherwise is 2%


I agree. I understand the £200 limit for regular users, but premium users should have a much higher withdrawal limit than £400.

Or at least have some kind of cumulative limit, so that if I don’t withdraw for 3 months, I then have a £1200 limit available. These days I don’t withdraw much cash, but when I go on holidays in a country where cash payment is much more common, I’d like to be able to do it (for free)


Even a 2% fee to withdraw money at ANY ATM is amazing. I’m with Deutsche Bank and if I go to Sparkasse they charge me 5€ no matter how big or small the amount is.


For a local withdrawal in your own currency? I’d change bank straight away if i were you.

Banks tried charging for withdrawals here in sweden around 20 years ago - they had to lay the plans to rest after lots of protests.


That’s why I got Revolut, once they get their banking license I’ll cancel the DB account.


Same here. I already have my business with them, and get my salary on my personal Revolut account. I use them as much as possible.
I really love their service and have the premium to show that support :slight_smile:


Most of the problems that people post here never happened to me. I think it’s because people don’t really realize what this service is for. I’m especially tired of reading about transfers to Coinbase or people’s account getting locked.


Don’t know, I personally never had any major issue. I use them every day to pay for everything from groceries to Amazon orders, but also bitcoins and other stuff like that (and yes, coinbase works just fine)

Most people who seem to have their account locked did something a bit silly like “I opened my account and transferred $5,000 and sent everything to North Korea” :roll_eyes:


lol, this one really made my day! :slight_smile: thank you!