4 hours to respond for premium customers

Well done on your Unicorn award and valuation, now if you can respond to premium customers on chat whose accounts you have blocked quicker than the four hours I was just informed of you would be taken seriously like a real bank.

well 4 hours is up, they still haven’t bothered to reply on chat. If you are reading this and thinking of getting an account with them, don’t bother they obviously, beyond any reasonable doubt, have no support infrastructure in place, but may have in a few years which is when you should open an account. In fact, the very fact they have this “community” support site proves that, they expect you to discuss your private banking details with total strangers. very strange. I will complain to the FCA now, might get a reply that way.

Joke of a bank,

Its now 12 hours no response, my phone is nearly flat, stuck in the desert with no petrol as I cannot pay as my card and account is blocked, heat will probably kill me before they get back to me on chat.

Can someone phone the red cross to help me…

I’ve got hold of International Rescue and Virgil Tracey and Thunderbird 2 should be with you soon.

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Well done Tony P, as good as your word they magically appeared and problem has been resolved.

International Rescue - what a bunch of guys :sunglasses: