4 and 6 digit PIN


I just gathered experience with the PIN of the Revolut card.

When I got my card I changed the PIN to a 6 digit PIN in a Switzerland ATM (UBS) which was accepted and reused in the same machine as 6 digit. 6 digit is common in Switzerland.

Next I travel to US, The 6 digit PIN is not recognized, it is the first four digits of my 6 digit PIN that are recognized.

Next I travel to UK, The HSBC ATM fails when I put the first 4 digits, however the 6 digit PIN is recognized.

Other folks with similar experiences?


Interesting. I am based in Switzerland. I wanted to change my current 4-digits PIN to a 6-digits one. It was not accepted at a UBS ATM. I tried the one at the Post office. It did not work either. So I am stuck with my 4-digits PIN. I wonder how you did it (changing)!


Speaking of 4 and 6 digit, the revolut app allow us to connect with only 4 digit pin, isn’t it quite easy to brute force nowadays ??


I think it’s not much about brute force (but still a thing to take in consideration), but if someone is looking at your phone while you input the pin it is too easy to see, especially because the app show big circles when you press the keys.
Knowing that the app controls all the money you have, I feel like my money is not really secure if I get robbed somehow.

If increasing pin length is not possible in the short term I would advise @revolut to create an alternative 4+ pin/password that controls the security aspect of your account such as:
Changing app pin code
Changing card pin code
Changing personal information
Among others

I would also like to see my address hidden in app, but that is off-topic here.


Brute force IS one of the major issue in this case:
Nowadays, brute forcing a 4 digit pin takes less than a day ! Even with a 10 tries limit like on iphone, it takes only 111 hours (less than 5 days).

Ref: https://www.consumeraffairs.com/news/how-to-brute-force-break-a-4-digit-iphone-password-in-111-hours-or-less-032515.html


@plzlol actually since iOS9, after 6 attempts your phone (can) gets wiped


Does the app has limit on how much tries you can do?


The ATM I used was a UBS machine at Zurich Airport. It was my first use of the Revolut card. It seems all ATM in Europe expect me to put the 6 digit PIN and when I buy something it’s the first 4 digits.


Can you tell us more about this 6 digit pin thing? I was over there a few months ago and it was just 4… My Dutch friend I’m currently travelling with is 4 too.