3rd party transfer limits?

Hello there,

I just made a premium account and I am interested in the following:

  1. To receive EURO to my revolut account I have to go to Setting->Account details->-Euro-> And the Local is my bank address to which I have to send EUROs in order to receive the fiat to my revolut? Right?

  2. What is the daily/ weekly/ monthly/ yearly limit for receiving EURO from 3rd parties?

  3. Do I have to show any source of fund? (These fund will come from a crypto exchange, to which I have to show sources for my fund like smart contracts for ICOs and trading history, so the source is not an issue.)


There aren’t specific limits for SEPA EUR transfer. But make sure to double check your annual top up limit under more, profile, verification and limits.

More about this limit and how to raise it in the FAQs. :wink: