3rd Party Perks

I have not used any of the earned perks as most are for junk foods, which I never buy. The new 3rd party ones seem to be a much better option, especially Booking.com. 2 hotel bookings and I’m getting £25 cashback. Now that a perk I’m very happy with. Well done :r:


Can we swap? I want the junk food ones - I’m not in a hotel every day but I am just busy enough when I’m at university that I normally get food on the way home


Are you talking about Perks Plus?
Still not available outside UK and we are talking about online shopping as booking.com mentioned!

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I’ve got quite a range, but almost certainly won’t use any of them. Would prefer % cashback, tbh

Any idea when this will be supported outside UK?


Didn’t even know it existed


Needs to be rolled out in other territories soon!


I guess it depends on every user but I would rather have serious discounts on air lounge passes and way better insurance. That would make me go Metal. N26 already offers discounts on Booking and others even with the free account.

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Lots of these types of offers are available at several places.

I have the Gousto offer from revolut and Amex right now, for example. Almost identical terms.

Wine offers are virtually ubiquitous.

Same ecosystem, same pie, nothing really that special, just companies feel they have to get into these offers or risk missing out.

that would be really nice! :hotel:

Is it a UK exclusive?
Didn’t see anything in Germany.

Yes, apparently perks are only available for users in UK… :roll_eyes:

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For now I think yes it’s just UK exclusive

I’m UK user with a standard account as a beta tester.

Booking.com is perfect for me as I already use it 2-3 times a month whereas I never bother with lounges. Guess we all want something different.

I don’t normally use my :r: card in the UK as I get 0.25% cashback if I use my Credit Card. Perks like these will mean I use :r: more often.


Whoever is managing Perks Plus (cc: @anon33247966)

Can you pass on that it’s not good enough to refresh my perks with the same companies as were there before, especially when I’ve marked some as disliked


It’s still in beta, so presumably the selection is limited.

An option to block a specific retailer permanently would be nice though. I’m never going to go into a Burger King, for example.

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Hopefully better than the beta.

My latest perk is a very generous 5% off at Zara “up to £1” (in the smallprint)!


What a massive discount

It’s also how it’s presented. To call it a 5% discount may be technically correct, but is obviously misleading.

£1 off a minimum £20 spend would be a fairer description and deal