3rd party payment to stay in US$ to GB-based card


Still quite new at this, so apologies if this is an idiotic question! I want to receive a payment from a friend who banks in the US and have it remain in US$ as I will be travelling there shortly. My Revolut account is UK-based obviously, and I’d rather not have the funds go through a currency exchange cycle - US$ to GB£, and then straight back to US$!

If I set the currency in app as US$ and send my friend the reference code that is then given when I hit ‘top up’, will the payment be made to my account in US$, or automatically converted to GB£ (and will we both be hit with huge SWIFT fees)?


Are you using Rev.me or is this an ACH/ABA transfer?


Not sure - I think just a standard wire transfer, unless there’s a better option?