3MB attachment can't be posted in chat


When trying to prove residency, I had to upload some documents through support chat. 12 megapixel images of the camera 2.58 and 3.32 MB, in chat the images showed up with a red exclamation mark on the upper right corner.

Sending images with 1 megapixel resolution (less than a MB) succeeded, without the red exclamation mark.

The application should either give a clear error message in this case, or better accept attachments up to a reasonable size.


I had this happen to me aswell, as you say there should be something a bit more informative than a red exclamation markā€¦

A normal thing to do is just snapping with the camera, who would start changing the image resolution settings? If nothing else the chat should at least complain about file size, maybe there should be an informative warning so that we know what is the max size?