3DSecure verification fails when switching to banking app

The 3DSecure verification step of my bank (KBC Belgium) has a button that normally opens the KBC Mobile App on my phone to validate the transaction. However, when I press the button on the verification page in the built-in browser of the Revolut-app, this just returns me to the Revolut-app, and never opens the KBC Mobile app. This causes the top-up with my Maestro-card to fail.


I have the same problem with KBC Brussels and CBC :frowning:

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Same for me with KBC visa and Maestro cards, did u find a solution?


Hello, have the +/- same issue with belfius app.
Actually when i choose application, i have ann error. Belfius app does not open.


From my knowledge of android, revolut doea not recognize url schema and does not know what application to open.



Hi there. We don’t fully support 3D Secure. Could you please try to use another bank card or top-up by bank transfer or Android/Apple Pay?

maybe i should create a new topic, because i’m sure signing transaction with my banking app its called “3Dsecure verification”

anyway, when i’m trying to top-up i have a choice between App & Web.

  • Web working without problem, but i need to use a card-reader (digipass) to sign the transaction. and when you traveling and you don’t have this reader, it’s impossible to top-up.
  • App. i have this “Page is not available” error. revolut should redirect http request to belfius app.

ps: i’m on android 7.1.1
ps2: i have no other banking card.

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I am not sure this is under Revolut’s control. From what I can gather from your screenshot, it seems that page tries to open the URL belacsapp://DoTx?.. which would need to be registered to an application on your device in order to work (it actually does say the URL scheme is unknown in the error message).

Could it be you dont have the right application installed?

I still belive it’s related to revolut application.
Since it’s a web-view render in revolut application that have some problem.

  • my Belfius (banking) application is installed and working properly.
    1 ) i’ve made a transaction from a website. on the website i choose my app (like on screenshot from revolut) then, redirection works, and my belfius application open.
    2 ) i’ve made a transaction from another application (my Mobile operator application). again i choose Belfius app and everything working.

so i’m still convinces that is revolut + webView rendering problem.

example of how belfius or other Belgian banking applications working.

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I just did a quick search and came across https://stackoverflow.com/a/27531628 - so it appears a webview and a custom scheme are not compatible out of the box.

Assuming that the page with the belacsapp URL is not under Revolut’s control but seems to be a generic page of your bank, it might be a bit tricky to fix that. The Stackoverflow link does seem to propose a solution but Revolut would need to approach this in a very generic way to support all sorts of custom schemes belonging to other banking applications as well.
@AndreasK @JessicaZ could you possibly forward that link to your development team?

How do the other applications you are using address that?

to be honest it’s a first time i’m using non belgian application, or at least application that does not show “support payment with belgian banks… bla bla…”

If i’m right most of Belgian banks build theirs application on “www.bancontact.com” api (for transaction signature) . so i suppose belacsapp is gonna be used by most of Belgian banks applications.

it would be nice if there some one from banks like beobank or Ing tryed to top-up. and if there ans error, to get that url.

I’m searching on the internet to get bancontact API.

No, no, the belacsapp is the URL scheme which is used as identifier for your bank’s application. A URL with that scheme should usually open that application, in Revolut’s case it might not be recognised because it runs within a webview and not an “actual” browser. Thats a bit of speculation I admit, but its what I got from the link I posted earlier.

My assumption is it could be fixed within Revolut’s code by applying the link override quoted in the posting I linked but that would require some change by Revolut. Hence the mentioning of @AndreasK and @JessicaZ.

oh. damn… maiby it’s not bancontact.com who provide a service but worldline.

oh. i see, i hoped that was a one unique schema, so there less changed to do in revolut application :frowning:

Most of what I wrote is speculation :). What we know is, that Revolut is being told to open a URL with belacsapp as scheme and that that scheme is registered for https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=be.belfius.directmobile.android. So given you have that application installed it should open. If it does not, it might be because of the restrictions imposed on webviews - as outlined on the Stackoverflow page.

The fix would most likely require a change in Revolut’s application code.

Regarding WebView, i’ve done some search too. On my Android 7.1.1 webView is disabled.
so webView is not related to my problem, or revolut application is still use webView.

so, if now, applications use chrome it should work. :confused: because when i do the same action in chrome browser, my belfius app launch.

yep, ween a view from some android-dev team. :slight_smile:

@alessandro thanks for contributing to this post.

Yes, AFAIK there was a change with Android 7 in this regard but unfortunately I cant say right now whether similar restrictions apply or not. At this point it would really be up to Revolut’s development team to bring up the debuggers and debug the %$)"/ out of custom schemes in their web component :slight_smile:

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No news? I suppose I’ll travel with my digipass.

@AndreasK, any feedback on my “analysis”? :slight_smile:

Any news regarding this issue?


So do I with CBC ;-(

I’m unable to use my app … additionally most of the time I’m trying to load my revolut account with my CBC card reader the transaction fails ;-(

No problem with my other belgian bank (Keytrade)