3D Secure

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Heya Stan

Your trust level will be raised providing you continue posting on the forum regularly with clean and wholesome family content

Posts are held by Discourse and reviewed by moderators to keep the forum nice and clean until you’re past the few weeks it takes to build your trust level.

This prevents a potential plethora of things from getting to the forum from children being abused up to people trying to tarnish Revolut for their idea of opening an account purely to wire thousands of dollars and then wondering why they triggered a fraud system

There are currently no plans expressed openly by the moderation team to change this, when I asked them (although this was months ago now) they actually said on no uncertain terms that trust level changes aren’t happening

Hope this answers any queries you may have


You should be able to reply to discobot without any trust level, I was some months ago. Maybe try typing

display help

in a PM to it.

I worked it out. They do this for use cases such as credit card apps where they don’t like you leaving the app. Makes sense

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