3D Secure

So to clarify right, the following parties are required to support 3DS for it to appear:

  • Revolut
  • Merchant
  • Merchant’s Acquirer

If they don’t, it won’t appear.

3DSecure pushed all liability onto the bank though, as it’s up to them to verify.

If they decide to go through straight to payment and then authorize that, rest assured this is normal ML by the bank to reduce friction to payments you’d normally make - this raises customer satisfaction as there’s now not another step to purchase.

Rest assured the bank is still equally liable if they decide to push through the 3DS without actually having you verify the payments.

Hope this clarifies anything - for any actual legislation around PDS2 @NFH may be better suited - but that’s essentially how MasterCard 3DSecure, American Express SafeKey and Verified by Visa work and both are complaint with the incoming legislation, to my knowledge.

If there are any other questions, feel free to ask (just make sure you @ me)



Its working for me in Romania. Is it a way to disable it tough?

You can’t disable 2FA

Why i do not get any push 3d notification from revolut apk with information to log in?

Do you have new RevP card? As I understand 3D Secure currently is in testing (not enabled on all cards).

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Yes, i have card with 3d secure. When i use it in internet, i do not get push notification from revolut apk. We should get instant notification from apk to approve payment…

I don’t own a new RevP card but the 3DS works for me.

It works for me only with my old UK BIN virtual VISA-card. It works on none of my localized MasterCards.

That’s true: I also used an old UK BIN virtual Visa.

Yesterday I got a 3D Secure Prompt for a payment to Swisslos (Swiss National Lottery).

I can confirm that I have also 3d secure for my standard MC and Visa - not only MC RevP

Me too now! Even my disposable MC. I can finally add my Revolut MCs to the last few places now, phone subscription, electricity bill, commute card, etc. etc. …


Here too, for dominos pizza.

I believe it’s TItle IV Chapter 2 of Directive (EU) 2015/2366.

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Yes! I can now confirm that 3D Secure requires approval for me. I am using a service that til now got auto-approved. Today i got a prompt to check my phone for approval. That’s the security we need from a bank. Now I can be 99% sure that my money stays with me even if my card info got leaked somewhere in the world.

Virtual card with Google Pay is the way. Have another card for chip n pin transactions and everything else disabled.

It really doesn’t matter if Revolut doesn’t enforce 3D Secure.

You will receive the same guarantee of your money, as Revolut will be held liable for not performing the relevant checks.

I think it’s better if you are one step ahead of a disastrous transaction :wink:

Edit: That said I would take the convenience of a fully perfected fraud detection system any day of the week.

I must say I am very impressed with effortless flow for authenticating 3D Secure. My Current Account with Monzo does something similar.

With Monzo however there are certain edge cases where it has to fall back to text such as paying my AMEX bill. I was wondering if anyone could explain why that is and if Revolut will have the same scenario? :slight_smile:

Where can I activate 3D Secure?

You cannot. You will notice if your card supports it when you pay online next time.