3d Secure -> Workaround for airlines?


Hi Community,

my company is testing Revolut for Business and we like it. But there are some issues with 3d Secure Payments. We can do without most of the problematic sites, but 3d secured airlines are a show stopper. Revolut is useless for us, if we can t book all airlines (for example bulgaria air).

So, does someone know a work around for booking flights? A third-party flight-booking website with an own payment system without 3d secure?


Hey @Stefan1 :slight_smile:

You could check SkyScanner :slight_smile:
Apart from checking for the best fare, it will always provide you with alternative booking agencies which might not require 3DSecure :wink:



3DSecure is there for a reason.
The correct solution is Revolut implementing it as not ask others to avoid it.