3D secure verification


Hey, I’d like to see 3D secure verification. I know that you currently support 3D secure, but you don’t want any code or something like that, the transaction is accepted every time, even if seller’s gateway does support 3D secure payments. It would be nice if you would display notification with “accept” and “decline” buttons. It’s much easier than writing code from SMS/notification, as the banks do, and much more secure than just accepting the transaction.


I think they don’t support 3D Secure verification as I’m not able to top up my boon account with my Revolut card. Top up process fails all the time.


They do support it on both directions. They support it for top ups (where I have to enter code from SMS) and they support it for payments, but there is no verification.
You can pay anywhere, it doesn’t matter if the seller supports 3D secure. If he do, the transaction will be 3D secure, otherwise it will proceed without verification.


Let me clarify: Revolut card is not 3D Secure enabled as you cannot use it with services that require you to verify transaction before it’s executed (Boon being one example).

3DS authentication for top ups is performed from the bank’s card and its backend system.


Hi @MekliCZ,

It’s on the roadmap, but not in the immediate future.
We’ll keep you posted once we have updates!

CEX.IO & Revolut top up does not work

Revolut card IS 3DS enabled. It depends on bank (Revolut in this case, even if they’re not bank) what verification will they use. Revolut just says that transaction is verified without any verification, but every payment I do on 3DS enabled gateways IS verified using 3DS (and no, those gateways don’t lie and tell me the truth about 3DS ;)).


Were there any followup in this topic ?
Receiving the 3D Secure code in the APP instead by SMS would be a very cool feature. Thx


+1 to support 3D Secure payments.
More and more web merchants require this additional security check nowadays…
What are the news on this ?


That’s one of the things that prevents me from dumping my N26 card.


+1, keeping N26 as well for that reason


+1000, without it its impossible to rely on the revolut card.


Hi, any update from Revolut about the 3ds Support for the Revolut card? It’s really surprising to not support such basic and important features. Can’t use my Revolut card to book a flight ticket… so why paying for the world insurance,… Still need to keep N26 :frowning: