3D Secure: Unable to add funds to Coinbase from Revolut Cards


When I try to add card to Coinbase, it issues card verification of 1 $ which succeeds, when I try to buy crypto-currency I receive from Coinbase:

“It looks like your card issuer rejected your buy. Please contact your card issuer and authorize 3D Secure buys from Coinbase, or contact support if the error persists.”

How did this guy manage to deposit money from Revolut?


Hey @impactus :slight_smile:

He probably made a bank transfer. 3DSecure is a Coinbase requirement that you can’t overcome with a :r: card as of now.


:arrow_up:️:arrow_up:️:arrow_up:️:arrow_up:️:arrow_up:️:arrow_up:️this guy is on the money it’s coinbase that don’t allow the transaction not Revolut.:four_leaf_clover: