3D secure screen scrolling up until it disappears from the screen when topping up


I tried to top up using HSBC UK Visa credit card, and I got a Visa 3D security screen which asks to enter the name, date of birth, and all that stuff. Ok. But as soon as I start typing into one of the fields (or click on an other field), the screen starts scrolling up and the form disappears, and I see just a white screen. I tried scrolling down, so that the form is on the screen, but it doesn’t stop, it keeps scrolling up and disappears again.

I had a similar issue with an other non-UK Swedbank MasterCard debit card, but that time, I couldn’t see the 3D security form at all. However, in that case, after restarting Revolut, and retrying the top up, I could actually get to see the 3D security screen and it would work. But when I click on Continue and I get a second security screen, it would sometimes scroll down way too much and I end up with a white screen. I can scroll up, and then enter the password. So at least it doesn’t keep endlessly scrolling and I am able to enter the info and proceed with the top up. But if I try to do that again, I would get a white screen again, and I’d have to restart Revolut again, and then it works again.
Unfortunately, restarts didn’t help with HSBC card.

There is something really wrong with Revolut. I mean, I’ve seen reports of a very similar issue by other users. Maybe it’s a bit different with different banks, but it’s definitely a Revolut issue.