3D secure cone not present?


I have tried to pay to Coinbase, the card bounced with description that it has no 3d secure code. Tried to contact support, I cannot send the message.


You won`t be able to buy anything from coinbase with revolut card. Sry. :confused:


I got the same problem. Support answer was that Revolut card does not support Secure 3D.
Everywhere wher you need Secure 3D Revolut card will not work.
I have no idea why they don’t implement that feature.
For a company trying to apply for a bank license this should be a must and a priority. I think.


Most prepaid debit cards suffer this problem from what I can see, I think they all issued by Wirecard or subsids that all use same setup on the backend. But in 2017 3DSecure is a must and I am surprised features like crypto derivatives were launched prior to implementing this.

The only business reason I can see, is that fraud liability is transferred from the merchant to the issuing bank when 3DSecure or vBv is used, perhaps they want to keep the merchants on the hook, hence why CoinBase rightfully refuse non 3DSecure/vBv transactions - it would be commercial suicide to not insist on this as virtual products have no real chargeback defense.

Is 3DSecure on the roadmap?


From time to time I see a post that suggests that some merchants refuse cards that do not support 3DS. My main UK bank does not issue 3DS cards and I never have a problem with theirs, but do occasionally with :r: