3D Secure authorization


I’m trying to make a payment, but getting an error about the 3d secure not being activated.
Can I get any help?

Thank you!

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Hey @Miguel :slight_smile:

Unfortunately 3DSecure is not supported as of now by :r: :frowning:

If you’re allowed to pay using PayPal, using :r: through PayPal could be an alternative for those sites that require 3DSecure :wink:


Any plans to support it in the near future?


The same here : my payment fails because the seller’s site accepts only cards with activated 3d secure authorization.
Any update, please ?


Still no update?

I am struggling to buy ferry tickets from Trasmed in Spain, and they only accept 3D secure cards.

Unable to complete a payment on Eurostar website

I have also an issue with 3D Secure occurring always when trying to transfer fund to my Revolut account – I am always redirected to 3D Secure window of my bank’s online banking and I need to authorize the transfer of funds from my bank account with 3D Secure code.
I called my bank’s hotline and have been told the issue is on the Revolut side and related to the fact that Revolut basically requests the 3D Secure authorization everytime when charging my credit card. Does anyone have experience with such issue or has been facing this problem before. And do you think it is really caused by Revolut’s security or compliance policy for payment authorization?
Thanks a lot!


heh… so everything works, but you just dont want to use 3D secure every time? I would be glad of such feature. Its proper way to do it for security reasons.