3D Secure and white screen


I saw similar problems in the community but this has some differences.
I want to top up my account with my VISA Electron that supports 3D Secure…
I have not managed to do this yet. After inputting the card details manually and see the information box that it will move to a 3D secure confirmation, a white screen pops up and apparently you cannot do anything. Note that if it was just a problem at displaying, I should have received an SMS from my bank but I don’t. I suppose this means that the problem is before the communication with my Bank to send the SMS…
I am using Samsung Galaxy Note 3 running android version 5.0
Also I have already re-installed the app as per customer support directions…


Hi @phitzi,

Thank you for contacting us.

I can see you’re using a Greek card, unfortunately we don’t support them.

Please let me know if you have further enquiry


Andreas K.


My first top up was with a Greek card. Then I had problems due to capital controls. Now I am using a Maltese card and the problem that I am describing is on that one…


@phitzi could you please send me a direct message with your details so I can take a look for you?


By details what do you mean?
Also I cannot find where is the “direct message” functionality…???


No worries I will do it for you.


I have same problem. I have tried on 2 phones (androids), but same problem on both


Have you tried to contact our support team?


Andreas K.