33k USD Not received!


33k usd was sent to the revolut account 4 days ago, bank shows money deducted 2 days ago, still haven’t received it in revolut. Tried to contact support yesterday, haven’t got any reply for almost 24 hrs now. Really need to know what’s going on.


International SWIFT transfers can take up to 5 business days, consider that May 1st is a holiday in some countries and that might affect this as well.


Thanks for the reply, will wait until next week then :slight_smile: But it will be much more helpful if revolut app can show the estimated date.


How should they estimate an incoming transfer, they dont even know about?

Based on your dates I’d expect the funds to arrive on the 8th or 9th. Did you make sure you sent it to the right accout (the pooled USD one) and provided all information (particularly the reference number)?


Hi there. You will have to increase your annual topup limits in order for the transfer to be assigned to your account.

Find more info here on what documents you should provide depending on the source of funds: https://bit.ly/2GE2pvk


Can you look in to my verification please as it’s taking for ever


Another common revolut scam, super low limits and they hold your money hostage.


Yeah sure because 33,000 dollars absolutely does not require any sort of KYC. Any bank will ask for this if there is a sudden large transaction. If you check the limits first then they will not hold your money “hostage”


Is there still a ‘section’ in the app showing your limits, I recall last week it had been removed?


No, its no longer there.


It’s rather difficult, now, to know how much you can top up moving forward without being ‘frozen’?


Totally agree. That’s why I think that it was a backward step to ‘remove’ the limit when in fact they kept it but just made it hidden. Now we’re flying blind.


I think that is the intention.


I think they removed the limit and instead rely more on building profiles and automatic risk assessment


As far as I understood Revolut’s response on this topic, it could be that they don’t have a set limit anymore but monitor incoming funds differently now. So they might not ask for additional proof if the old limit is hit with regular monthly salary payments but they might ask for it if funds come from abroad, from an account that wasn’t used before …


I understand the reasoning behind trying to go beyond static limits, using heuristics to assess user risk profiles dynamically, etc., the issue from the user perspective is if/when some internal validation flag is triggered how immediately and directly that impacts on the user. For example, there’s a difference between finding out your account is locked as you try to make a transaction, and having some kind of alert or advance warning that due to a change in your transaction patterns you should be ready to provide some appropriate proof within a certain time period.


I don’t think accounts are locked with proof of funds related issued. Only incoming funds are frozen. But I don’t know this.


They did not, limits are still in place, just not displayed.


What are your sources ?


Revolut’s support.