3 physical cards


Now there are Maestro, Mastercard and Visacard available.
It will be great if we can register 3 physical cards (one of each), so we are prepared for each acceptance situation.


When maestro cards will be available in Revolut?


In a german forum are several people, who said they get a maestro. I didn’t try because I already had two physical (Master, Visa) cards.


Maestro is available as of now – only in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.


and in Switzerland as well.


(Thanks, I forgot to mention Switzerland. Added.)


And you can order them specifically?


Yes, if you reside in those countries, Maestro will show as an option alongside Visa/MasterCard.


Does it ask you for the type of card after the screen asking for confirmation that the card is paid?


You choose the card in the order process. Just like you would choose your Standard-Visa card or the Premium-Mastercard.


As far as I recall yes. Can’t check as it won’t allow for more than 2 cards.


+1. Looking forward to 3 cards as well


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I have asked support for a visa card. They told me cards are being sent randomly so i might end up with Mastercard instead of Visa


Apparently it’s possible to have more than two cards. See post here:

Please enable this for everyone.


I would love to have Maestro as an option but will not get rid of either Mastercard or Visa as they still have their own use cases.


I have the exact same problem and Revolut doesn’t acknowledge that this is a major issue :frowning:


Just a heads up. At least I can now have 3 physical cards. Thanks revolut!


Yeah. You’re right. Just ordered beside the premium MC and the standard Visa a standard Maestro card. Great for german smaller shops which often just accept no credit cards. Now waiting for launch of the metal card.


If I order a second card there is an information about the fee to do so (“add card with fee or get premium”).
Will the confirmation of that “add card with fee” finalize the order or can I choose like for the first card?
I already have a Maestro and would like to order a VISA .
I am from Switzerland.


No, it will let you choose from 1 standard card and the selection of premium cards.
The logo what is on there decides what will be your next card. If it shows Visa, it will be Visa. :slight_smile: