3-D secure for online payment

It’s not like all EU online merchants were cut off, but it’s still a feature that is extremely important and missing.

My revolut card often gets declined in online purchases bc no support for 3d secure. A very common thing amoong swedish merchants.

Hi, yes 3D secure is a must if you wan to use Revolut card online; lot of the online merchants go through 3D and Revolut is rejected. Any updates from the Revolut team if this is on the roadmap?


I have activated my account, primary currency is GBP, I need to do an online payment in AUD how can I do that and how much charge will Revolut will be charging, I dont have premium account so cant reach out to customer support

if they can generate 3-D secure code by App it will be the better than SMS


The 3Dsecure option is now widely used and must be a standard.

I got the first 3D secure notification from revolut today
Then i tried to add my revolut visa card, i bought from wilko, in london last week
Then i tried to add it to my local bus ticket app

But strange enough if not seeing to work anywhere else

Is now working for some user

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Ok, so it’s the end of 2020. And now my online payment have been declined because of 3D security. Tho before 6 month in a row i was able to use it for the same merchant. I live in UK, i got revolut just to make online payments and transfers in Euros, if i can’t do this. There is no point for me having revolut at all.